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#BBJ-006 - Takara by Jennifer Creasey
Welcome Takara. Extremely easy to crochet!
This pattern, and all of my patterns, are intended for the experience crocheter / bearmaker. This bear is 5-way jointed. A brief description on how to thread join the bear is included. I offer FREE instructions on how to add eyes, nose, muzzle, ears, etc. HERE
This pattern was originally made as an Anime-style bear, but adding the simple muzzle, which is included in this pattern, you can create a traditional teddy bear.

Standing: 4-1/2 in.
Sitting: 3-1/2 in.
Hook Size: 0 / 3.25mm Steel Crochet Hook
Yarn Weight: Worsted Weight Yarn by TLC & Red Heart
Pages to print: 2

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